Deposit $500
Minimum stay 2 weeks
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? Yes
Available from 01 Jul 2019
Guests Students

We have 2 x rooms available.

Room # 1 - medium
$180 per week
Has large wardobe with lots of space to store your clothes.
Also had study desk, chair, and bedside lamp.

Room # 2 - small
$170 per week
Has large wardobe with lots of space to store your clothes.
Also had study desk, chair, and bedside lamp.

Expenses are $30 per week, and include power, unlimited fibre internet, communal items (ie. toilet paper, cleaning products, dish washing items).

Both prices *include*:- 1) Electricity 2) Unlimited wifi internet 3) Household necessities (ie. laundry + dishwashing + toilets) Basically, all you need to do is come with your suitcase, and move in. We do not provide any food, but all the homestay students we have hosted have quickly learnt the invaluable steps to independence of cooking for themselves. We can send you some more detailed photos if you would like via Line / / Facebook messenger. Have a chat / voice clips together to get to know you.

We currently have two Indonesian students with us, studying at IAANZ and Canterbury University respectfully.

Daniel and Zoe are a young married couple (in our 30's) and both work full time. Daniel works for a software company and Zoe work at the airport, doing shift-work. Daniel also has done some PPL hours, and is passionate about aviation. We have a small miniature poodle as well, who has been loved by all our students/flatmates. If you want to play with him, he would be so happy. But if you don't, he doesn't come to bother you at all. 

The house is fully furnished, 225 square metres house. Big kitchen, dining room, lounge and outdoor area for you to use. If you like quiet, here is the right place for you as our whole street only has 20 houses and majority are retirees. No parties or friends over, just a quiet environment to study. So close to supermarkets, university and city too. If you don't drive, the bus stop just 2 mins walk from our house. Or else, 5 mins can get you to these places by car.

If you are in Christchurch, feel free to come over to view. We'd love to have a chat with you. But if not, we don't mind communicate by email or phone. Since we live so close to the airport, to pick you up on your day of arrival isn't a problem for us.

So far from Christchurch Homestay website we have hosted students from:- Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan and Taiwan

Any question or concern, please feel free to message us. We are waiting for meeting you!

Zoe & Dan


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