Deposit $560
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking Outside
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? Yes
Available from 16 Aug 2018
Available to 23 Dec 2020
Guests Students, Workers

We have a beautiful villa, in Bishopdale/ Harewood , Gardiners Road, we have a bus stop that is just out our driveway, has a direct route to the airport and to the city centre , also to Northlands and Riccarton Mall, leaving every half an hour, And that is the same as the return trip back to my house.

We live very close to Northlands Mall snd the airport is especially It is a big house with four bedrooms and a big study ,

You’re more than welcome to bring your car as we have four car garage , The house is extremely quiet as it is just myself and an 16 year old son. , he is Hardly ever hear as he plays horse polo and goes to the gym, which may I add is very close to house , the YMCA.,.
. The house is very warm is it has a large fire and a heat pump. I have a cleaner that comes around twice a week , as I really like the living really clean. ,I do not mind at all what you do in your room if you like and messy room etc, however the cleaner is available to you ,to change your sheets once a week and two dust out your room and vacuum.
If you would like your privacy and her not to go into the room that is no problem at all if you want your privacy .

I have had students and people living with us in the past at the aviation school , I love having an extra person in the house as it is so quiet .
I don’t not mind if you are male or female that I do not want couples Please.

We have a dog that is the size of a cat ????, And a lovely big deck where we have lots of BBQs in the summer .
Your room is a lovely sunny room , Is a medium sized room, with lots of places to store your belongings. It is off the main part of the house so it is very quiet and has its own declk, ( the photos show your doors opening out to your own private deck and your own private garden and lawns.
I feel I am very good with my students because I like to take you places if you’re interested as we go tramping, like to go away for weekends away , you’re more than welcome to join us .

Please feel free to come and have a look at the house , I know you won’t be disappointed , room has all been done up freshly painted and new curtains .


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